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Hey, don't worry. Who else do we sell our older gear to when we want
shinny new stuff and you are ready to upgrade?

Re Crissy: I've only sailed there a few times due to distance and why
drive by wind at PA, 3rd .... to find wind and then get assaulted by pan
handlers while waiting to get back on the freeways to come home? 8)

Anyway, I went on monstor ebb days and found it really different than
3rd in the channel. I found it really hard to get to good wind on a
board that handles the swell and chop and yet can get through the large
dead zone near shore. The gal I was dating at the time loved Crissy for
working on getting into the straps, but she had a large floaty board
(1.3X her wt in flotation) that she could uphaul and she stayed "inside"
so she got the great views and not the big danger. of course, it was
often no wind there too. I hate to schlog and my biggest board is 125
or 130L which is about neutral for flotation so I am no fan of dead
zones where I need a 9'6" course board only to find wind that I need a
smaller board or friendlier shate to enjoy. I guess I need a different
typ of board than I carry to sail Crissy well or do lots of waterstarts
and sinks and swims until I hit the windline.

Also, one day it was ripping and I was on a 5.1 and my 8'11" ASD Course
board which had enough flotation to get out but was scary when powered.
I just sailed fairly slow and watched a few people zip by at high speed
then crash in spetacular form. I heard a loud, sickening snap and was
pretty sure what it was and sure enough when I came in my friend (A
surgeon) told me the zodiacs and fire trucks were there, on shore by
then, to get the guy with the compound leg fracture out of the water.
There were plenty of smooth spots out there that I could enjoy the board
but I still felt I needed different gear to sail there or somewhere else
to launch. Soooo...the warning to new sailors at Crissy is watch out for
being on too big of gear in high wind as the results are dangerous.
Check this out to see what happens to a good sailor when he is on too
big of gear on a big day ---- I was on a tiny
little sinker board that day that makes Ken's Tiga257 look like a barge
and i had a great time. The right equipment really makes a difference
and the wrong choice for the conditions has its consequences at times.

How do the big guys (> 220#) get out on a big day and what do you sail?
(not counting racers) I'd think even my F2 285 Xantos with a 5.5 would
be too wound and scary as it is at 3rd on a good day in the channel and
my shorter boards are too narrow to make it out through the dead zone
without sinking many times. Maybe a newer, wider ASD 8'11" Mutant?

> First of all I would like to apologize to the seasoned sailors on this
> thread for turning it into a beginner's turf. But then again, we are
> all doing this primarily for fun, aren't we?


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