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> Didn't this mailing list (actually wind_thresh) contain wind report
> entries for Candlestick and Coyote Point earlier this summer, or was I
> dreaming?

No dream, but they were from Call of the Wind, which is no longer free. to subscribe.

I'd love to be able to put them back in, just so there was one place for
both COTW and NWS data, but COTW has to make enough money to pay for
their instruments. Maybe we can hold a PBS-style pledge week - when we get
100 new subscribers, COTW can make the data free again?

> In their absence, how can one make an educated guess about
> these 2 popular locations from the wind speed and direction listed for
> sites nearby?

SFO is actually placed much better for sailing at Coyote or 3rd than
COTW's Coyote Point site. The only downside is that it is only updated

For Candlestick, I understand that you want a direction of 280 or less
at SFO. There is also a windtalker, for which you will get the number
if you join SFBA.

Ken Poulton

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