Crissy Friday: Walk-A-Thon of Shame

Date: Sat Jul 04 1998 - 10:34:32 PDT

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Subject: Crissy Friday: Walk-A-Thon of Shame
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Crissy launched a major sneak attack for Friday afternoon. Around 3:00
itstarted to fill in nicely. I started on my 5.2 & 120l board. The board was
quickly too big and I ran back for the 95l Saxo. I noticed on ther wayout that
the wind was very southerly. My initial reach out had me pointing just south
of the north tower. It occurred to me that getting back to the beach as the
flood built might be tricky with wind pushing both offshore and down-current.
I quickly forgot that thought as I got up to the bridge on two or three
reaches and felt like I was upwind. Unfortunately I was hanging on the
flatwater on the outside as I came downwind. I practiced wide open planing
jibes for about 10 minutes and as the wind started dying I looked over and saw
that I had dropped from the bridge to below Anita Rock in that short space of
time. I turned immediately for shore and found that I couldn't even point as
high as the Saint Francis Yacht Club because of the southerly wind. I
ultimately had to point down to Ghirardelli to get on a semi-plane as I
reached the wind line. I passed a giant log that I had been sailing upwind of
when I had been up at the bridge and got a clear picture how far the flood had
moved. As I pinched hard to make the point at the end of the marina I started
to spot rigs all up and down the spit. I was heartened to know that I was
about one of thirty that got caught with our pants down. A couple of people
were even farther downwind and probably ended up at Ghirardelli. That strong
southerly wind direction is definitely one to watch beacause it makes a hard
flood about 4x as bad as it would be on the west wind.


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