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Date: Thu Jul 02 1998 - 01:12:09 PDT

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I got only broken image icons and text.

> Finally, I've got Xtide installed and running and generating daily tide
> reports for these three sites: tide for Rio and Coyote, current for Crissy
> (GG bridge). Reports are generated at midnight for the following 24 hours
> or so.

I like to view today, tomorrow and the next day, since I am often
considering whether tides+currents will make a site better or worse
in the next few days in my sailing decisions.

> Ken, I think I remember you saying
> that you "calibrate" the data that Xtide generates based on your
> observations.

No, I just use the data from the program.

> I want to add a marker line at the "safe" point as well, but don't
> sail these sites regularly. Any input?

Coyote can be sailed at any depth.

3rd has some sandbars as high as +1.0 ft, so I call it "safe" at +2.5
ft. I sail down to 1.5 ft with caution and sometimes even 1.0 feet for
launching or returning only. Others have different caution levels.

It would be nice to add a chart for Palo Alto since the tide is nearly
an hour later than 3rd; this has a safe level of 4 feet (similarly

I also find it very helpful (in another tide program I use) to have
markers set at 2:00 and 6:00 - the normal Peninsula sailing hours.

Ken Poulton

"Windsurfing is like comedy: timing is everything."
                                        -- Ken Poulton

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