Access closed, sign open

From: Jerry Gardner (
Date: Tue Jun 30 1998 - 15:34:11 PDT

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From: Jerry Gardner <>
Subject: Access closed, sign open

The pager was reading 16 SW, which seems to be the point of sailable wind. I
thought I would sail at the sign. When I got there, I found a large parking
lot and several campers moved in. The access is now closed, although the
park at the end is open.

A few observations on this site, based on past experience and future

This is not an easy place to sail. The ramps get big, and some of the best
jumping and jibing spots are right in front of the launch. No problem when
there were six people on the water--it will be different now.

There is very little space for boards, sails, etc. at the edge of the water.
Much less than at the Powerlines.

The parking lot is large, but except for the outside edge, there are no
clear cut parting zones.

No toilets, but I was told they were supposed to arrive today.

It should be a great place, but we will need to work together to keep it fun.

Regarding todays wind: 5.2/8-9 Seatrend from 11 to 12, 4.6 from 12-1:30.
Then it backed off some. I weigh 140#. Tried my first forward loop. Not
nearly as painful as I had expected.


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