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So how do you get there?

> Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 10:44:44
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> Subject: Davis Point!!

> I've been reading Mike Godsey's forecasts, noticing him talking
> about epic wind and swell at Davis Point - but I couldn't figure out where
> the hell it was. I talked to the guys at ASD, they'd heard it was really
> windy there, but had no clue how to get there, called Berkeley and Delta
> windsurfing, same thing.
> So, some of my windstarved peninsula buddies and I (this SW flow-stuff really
> sucks) decided to try Pt. Isabel instead of doing the loooonng Delta drive
> twice in one weekend. Pt. Isabel wasn't happening enough for my equipment
> (5.3 sail and 8'6'' waveboard are the biggest I've got) - - but we did meet
> Mike Godsey. He gave us the scoop on how to get to Davis Pt., told us it's
> only 15 minutes away, told us how epic it gets there, so we went.
> We were skeptical that it'd be any windier than the other east-bay spots
> yesterday, but it turned out that it was a lot windier than either Berkeley
> or Pt. Isabel. Nice sandy launch; big, steep swells outside for big, port
> tack jumps; the sailing reminded me of 3rd Ave here on the Peninsula. You
> can tell the place gets wind - there's a big eucalyptus tree permanently bent
> way over from the wind right at the beach. Godsey says that the place blows
> all day long - no midday lull like the Delta....
> We were surprized that no one else was there!!!! I couldn't help wondering
> why this isn't some premiere east-bay spot. I had the feeling that Davis
> Point probably only gets sailed a few times a year by Godsey and his buddies.
> Is there some big hazard we didn't know about?? We didn't notice any water
> quality problems (there were lots of people fishing). The neighborhood
> didn't seem bad... It is remote, but I think I'd rather break down there
> than out in the middle at Crissy (Godsey says there isn't much current there)
> ..
> Whats up East Bay guys (and gals), is there something wrong with Davis
> Point?? Why aren't you all sailing this place????
> Brad
> ps. If this is some "secret" spot, don't blame me.... Godsey put it up on
> his windcall page after all....

Leo J. Bragagnolo, P.E.
Group Manager
EQE International

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