FS: ASD Rkt incl. 2 fins $200

From: Mike Eglington (meglin@leland.Stanford.EDU-DeleteThis)
Date: Thu Jun 04 1998 - 16:14:41 PDT

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From: Mike Eglington <meglin@leland.Stanford.EDU-DeleteThis>
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Subject: FS: ASD Rkt incl. 2 fins $200
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ASD Rkt For Sale:

Shaped 11/1994 by Bob Miller. It's a glass board and very solid. 8'6"
long. Low volume --- seems like 75 litres or less. It's in great
shape, apart from rubber marks on the deck where I moved the jump
pads. It's a sweet board, but I have an Electron, which is about the
same length, but has more volume and sharper rails.

I am looking for $200, including these two fins (both Chinook box,
which is what the board has):

  - a Rainbow Rhino 10.5, which is almost new --- sailed maybe 10
    times: this is a nice fin and works well with the board.

  - a True Ames Tear Drop 12.75, used, but in fair-good condition ---
    for those flood days


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