Re: Plan something else for the weekend

Date: Wed Jun 03 1998 - 19:56:34 PDT

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Subject: Re: Plan something else for the weekend
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>There is a chance of wind tomorrow and friday as our cut off low moves to the
>east,&nbsp; but the weak ridging means the pressure gradients will remain
small, and >the probability for decent wind is rather low.&nbsp; Also it will
remain quite cloudy, which >usually doesn't help. The weekend will be DEAD as
another cut-off moves our >way.&nbsp; Consequently thesailing will suck well
into next week...&nbsp;&nbsp; >Aargh!!!

I'm working on the plans now. So far I've got the following lined up:

Friday Evening

Attempt to hijack a plane to the southern Caribbean using a star-blazer
compact Coast Guard approved aerial flare.

Saturday Morning
Repel off the Golden Gate Bridge with a fully rigged board and sail at full
ebb and practice self-rescue drills.

Sunday (if not still trying to swim back from the Farallons)
Round up the other die-hards and commit mass suicide... there has to be more
wind on a passing comet than there has been on the bay lately.


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