Re: anyone sail at Natural Bridges??

From: Chris Kogelnik (
Date: Thu May 21 1998 - 19:39:50 PDT

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Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 19:39:50 -0700
From: Chris Kogelnik <>
Subject: Re: anyone sail at Natural Bridges??

I've only sailed there 5 or 6 times, so I can only tell you what I've
experienced. I don't know about the wind directions, but the Call of the
Wind sensor and bouy reports have worked for me.

Natural Bridges is a beach and has cliffs on both sides of the beach, so the
wind is typically stronger on the outside. Lots of kelp on the inside to the
south, so try to point upwind as much as possible on the way out. I get nailed
the first time I go out, every time, damn kelp. Best waves are on the northern
side going into the cliffs, so I took it easy. On a big day it was a beach
break. Most of the times it was bump and jump with swell on the outside and
relatively flat on the inside. In fact on the one big wave day I was there
last season, multiple masts were sacrificed to the wind (or beach?) gods.
Grass rigging area, plus water in the parking lot. It's a long walk to the
water, compared to the bay. It's a few minutes from Santa Cruz. Great lookout
before you enter the park. The Haut shop is just up the street.

I think the beach is very deep, and due the the cliffs, if the wind is not on
shore, it's sheltered.


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