RE: How's the Bay?

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Date: Thu May 21 1998 - 14:26:32 PDT

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On Thu, 21 May 1998, Lev Belov wrote:

> I sailed Coyote Monday and Tuesday, both days were pretty bad. It's
> not the direction of the wind that was the problem, it's that it was so
> spotty.
> I sailed Crissy yesterday and it was _much_ better (even though the
> flood current there is faster). I'm definitely beginning to think that
> until the thermal winds kick in, Crissy and Berkley might generally be
> better than the South Bay sites.

- Berkeley has been pretty good all week. I sailed there monday
(goofy) (5.2m) and tuesday (mickey) (4.7m).Sunday and Wednesday were
good as well, but I couldn't get out. It's been pretty steady wind as
well. I've been leaving the water because I'm tired, not because the
wind died. All in all very un-berkeley like, particularly for early in
the season.

- Note: Pt. Isabell, which is only 2-3miles away from berkeley has
been not very good at all.

- Booker C. Bense

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