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Every now and then I feel, as a budding shredder the need to post about
my progress (when the rare milestone occurs.......)
So here it is: yesterday using 6.0 Gridlock sail, at Shoreline
.........................and after what felt like an eternity of
trying and high octane arm pain......
It was a tremendous feeling, one which I look foreword to repeating many times!
I also want to thank the guys who were at Shoreline yesterday ( they
seem like they might be on this list) who gave great advice again and again.
Subject: Re: Oyster Point, Flying Tigers, Genentech
Date: Wednesday, May 20, 1998 9:34PM

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>So, what's up with Oyster Point? <

Steve Watson has talked to the Oyster Point Harbor Master on several occasions:

They are going to build a concrete windsurf-ramp with steps, a little
further out than
the old launch site. The plans and the funding exist, and they are going to
build it this summer.

>The other is the shore access point behind Genentech. That launch
seems to be in a
>huge wind shadow. Anyone tried launching from there?
Most of the time the wind shadow is not so bad, e.g last monday I
planed on a 4.7
right from the start. Most of the time it takes one or two waterstarts
to get to
the windline.

>Are there any other access points to that area that I'm missing?<

I dont think there any others.

Steve Ammann

At Handar I design meteorological instruments like cloud-height and visibility
sensors and of all things an ultrasonic windsensor.

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