Oyster Point, Flying Tigers, Genentech

From: Bob Prevett (prevett@nvidia.com-DeleteThis)
Date: Wed May 20 1998 - 16:39:20 PDT

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Subject: Oyster Point, Flying Tigers, Genentech
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So, what's up with Oyster Point? With that new rip-rap seawall along the shoreline,
launching looks way unfriendly. Is there a plan to put in launch ramps? It's a shame
to lose that launch site.

Without the Oyster Point launch area, I know of two other launch points into "Flying
Tigers Bay". One is the Haskins Road access. It's a bit of a pain (long walk without
using the 4x4 "road") but useable.

The other is the shore access point behind Genentech. That launch seems to be in a
huge wind shadow. Anyone tried launching from there?

Are there any other access points to that area that I'm missing?


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