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>> Cancelled if it is raining more than an-inch-an-hour, or if
>> a tornado touches down in Foster City.
> gee, wonder what would you rig for that... ;)

Remember that a tornado has circular winds with more intense winds at the
center. The swirling pattern of wind means that you are almost always trying
to sail on a tack pointing directly toward or directly away from the center of
the tornado... or perhaps upwind of the broad reach if you did not bring a
small enough sail. While you are on a crosswind reach, you are simultaneously
being blown downwind and are therefore doing laps around the center even
though you may not perceive it. You will find that you pass through wind that
would cover quite a few sail sizes unless you gybe continuously and stay at a
roughly equal distance from the center. I would recommend a turney board and a
Multi-sail. Avoid the center unless you are working on your triple loop.


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