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Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 14:15:29 PDT

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Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 14:15:29 -0700
From: (Pierre St. Hilaire)
Subject: Re: Heat

>Another question that's been bugging me.
>I leave my board in my van, and during the day it gets real hot in
>there. Is this dangerous for the board?


 The board does
>have one of those vents at the back to let out pressure for airplane
>travel, wondering if I should use that in the van (pray I never forget
>to turn the valve off before going sailing!).

Yes, it is recommended you leave it open. I agree that this has to be
weighted against the possibility of leaving it open in the water.

I also leave my board in the car. If I can't park in the shade, I put one
of the aluminized reflectors in my windshield and open the windows an inch
or so to keep the car somewhat ventilated.


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