Glad ya had some fun on Sunday

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Subject: Glad ya had some fun on Sunday
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Ken Wrote:============ Fri 24 Apr 98 - 3rd - 4.7/257 (194#)

The tide was going to make it unsafe at 3rd by 4:30, but luckily the
wind came up early. I got on the water by 2:45 with my 4.7; Kirk put up
5.6 (230#). It was a little light near shore and a little up and
down in the channel, but the 4.7 was just right.

Wind was kind of westerly, so the swell was fairly confused.
This leads to lots of steep faces - great jumping conditions - but
I was trying to avoid jumping while I make sure my ankle is okay.
I really had to work hard at *avoiding* jumps.

It was only my second session of the season, so I was pooped after 90
minutes. Big smiles all around.

Yeah, it was fun. I still wish there was a good, light air wave board
for big guys......maybe with a single foot strap in the rear. I did see
a big, wide, 9" Mutant at ASD that they said was really slow but might
be interesting to try at third...The 5.5 NOA with a slalom board (F2
285) seems to want to go fast and jump rather than carve in the swells.
Got tired really fast with all the jumps or trying not to jump,
especially when there was a big face and a lull at the same time. Maybe
cut the nose off my F2 (make it a spoon) and put in a single rear strap?

Saturday I sailed Coyote rigging my 6.5 Noa with the 9'6". Soon
switched down the my F2 285 then the last hr on my ASD RKT. Great fun!

Sunday I sailed Coyote. A swimmer died before we rigged. No details
other than I saw the body in swim trunks and I was told they did not
spend alot of time trying to revive him. We were walking back from ASD
when we saw the ambulance. Seemed sort of light at 3:30 so I rigged my
7.5 NOA and went out on the 9'6". Probably blowing 14 to 22 (according
to radio) and it was the right call. Could have sailed smaller at
times, but the NOAs really handle well being powered. KenF sailed his
trusty 5.3/8'8". Pretty funny jumping with a 7.5 but I guess it is no
stranger than a 155 lb guy jumping with a 5.0. Sailed nearly 2 hrs and
had a good time. Got upwind with some of the good Coyote racers, but
would need a boat to go upwind as well as they did when they turned

"Before I built a wall I'd ask to know What I was walling in or
walling out." -- Robert Frost, American poet (1874-1963).

Kirk out
ASD epoxy: 8'8" & 9' RKT & 9'6" no-nose CS, F2 Xantos285
Wt 230#, Ht. 6'0", Usually sail on SF Bay,


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