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Date: Mon Apr 13 1998 - 22:39:51 PDT

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Subject: Re: A VHF Primer
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This is excellent! Thanks.

A follow-on for you old salts - assuming only an equipment breakdown with
a reasonable chance of getting to shore (e.g. broken mast with no
injuries or imminent threat of hypothermia, near channel marker, low tide
so you can walk home), would "Pan-Pan" be more appropriate than "Mayday"?
 The web-page indicates that "Pan-Pan" is treated the same as "Mayday"
but I assume is given less urgency.

Also, anyone know the procedures for:

1. Radio checks - I know it's discouraged, but I assume you do it on 9
or 68/69/71/72/78, and is there a protocol?
2. Hailing - again, I assume 9 or 68.
3. General opening and closing of communications for recreational
4. General, non-emergency, communication with the Coast Guard. Do you
hail them on 22? I monitored the communication on Ch. 22 between the
Auxilliary and Station SF on Saturday at Third about the lost board, but
didn't offer any info. for fear of doing something inappropriate. We
could've done a headcount then.
5. Will I really be in deep shit if I make a communication from shore of
any type, including a mayday for a sailor in my sight. Could I make up a
designation like "Station Third Avenue" without a call sign and not get

Thanks again.


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