Re: A day in the life of a windsurfer - survival story

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Andy wrote:

<< with all this talk about radios, and break down kits, I am wondering
 how people actually care all this stuff? I use a seat harness and a
 life jacket. I do`nt think a belt would work. I thought about sewing a
 pouch on to my life jacket, or harness. the problem is that the pouch
 would have to be on the back. basically making it very very difficult
 to get at if I really needed it. I also thought about some how
 attaching a water proof bag on the nose of my board, but have not
 figured out how to reliably attach it. >>

I've used a couple of fanny pack approaches with allegedly water proof bags.
The first bag, a seal pak I think, wasn't really water proof and was always
sloshing full of water. The second bag was a yellow cylinder of vinyl about
11" long and 4-5" in diameter. It was fully water tight but kept getting torn
off by the chop. The grommets glued to the bag kept tearing. I finally settled
on a plain old hiking fanny pack with a relatively low profile. It is not at
all water tight, but I have one water proof pouch for the radio and another
for the strobe and flares. I tore the belt off after a week or two and keep
meaning to have the straps reinforced. In the meantime II've got a pice of
downhaul tied on tho replace the missing length of belt. MOST IMPORTANT: Tie
an extra piece of down haul from your rescue pack to your harness so that will
not lose your rescue pack if the belt fails. I lost a rescue pack with a very
nice VHF radio at Berkeley and never found it even though I knew roughly where
I had been when I lost it and sailed back and forth for an hour or two looking
for it.


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