Re: Equipment recommendations?

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Date: Mon Apr 13 1998 - 12:36:05 PDT

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I must laugh - because it's the exact sail quiver I have. I really like it.
I'm 180# and am usually sailing at 3rd - or Candlestick. I got it at the end
of last year - so I actually haven't had enough time on all the sails to give
you a full opinion - but here's what I can say for sure: I abolutely love the
Spectro 6.0 and it will give you incredible range and stability even when the
winds kick up, thus you can go to a smaller size w/ your next sail size down.
Downside: the Spectro's low end isn't what it might be - and you might be
slogging a little more than intended at the beginning and end of the season. I
ended up getting a "big" sail this year to fully cover the wind range. For the
bulk of the season - you should be very well covered, and get good use out of
them all. You can try to stretch the sizes a little more to gain more range
especially w/ the Spectro if you can find a logical transition down to 4.5 from
there or you could try the Pyro instead, because I think it's more powerful (I
couldn't recommend that though, cause I love my Spectro far more than a human
should love a sail). I also don't sail at Crissy so I don't know how often
you'd need something bigger than a 6.0 there - Justin and his race sails don't
count. ;)


shiley wrote:

> I'm fairly new to the bay area, but not to windsurfing. I have been
> sailing on and off for the last 10 years, so I could be characterized as a
> "rusty advanced" sailor. Coming all the way from the east coast (south
> NJ), I thought it would be prudent to leave the old stuff behind and get
> some new equipment once out here. I am primarily interested in shortboards
> and rigs for planing conditions. I weigh 190# and am interested in getting
> a 3 sail quiver and 1 or 2 boards. My primary sailing site will probably
> be Crissy (since I am in SF), although I would like to get around to all
> the bay area sailing spots.
> I am considering getting the following equipment, although I have yet to
> demo:
> 4.5 North Zeta or Rave (wave)
> 5.2 North Convertigo (wave convertible)
> 6.0 North Pyro or Spectro (race/slalom)
> F2 Ride 277 or Mistral Screamer 278 (both about 100ltrs)
> Mistral Wave 263 (87ltrs) ???
> Do these sail/board size ranges sound about right for bay area sailing?
> Does anyone have any experience with this equipment?
> Thanks alot!

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