Pillar Point?

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Date: Sun Mar 29 1998 - 09:43:40 PST

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Subject: Pillar Point?
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As I rode down the coast from SF on the way to Dav. I saw Pillar Pt beach
blowing what appeared to be at a pretty steady pace. The waves looked pretty
decent and because they were from the West they weren't closing out.
The wind there is usually tempting on shore and HELL at the BREAK Zone, but
yesterday looked different.
Did any body sail there?

I went on to venture out into wild & wooly conditions. The waves were huge
and pretty close together. For awhile when the tides were low the big sets
were breaking all across the channel.
After himming and hawing for too long I went out on 4.7 / 8'8. Light on the
inside with a strong rip made it very dicy getting out. Once out safely
making it through the guantlet I could barely hold on.
Why do all the great BIG days that could be a lot of fun end up coming the
first few times out in the season? They turn into Victory at Sea survival

Had a thrilling short session sailing on mts. of power when coming in on the
North break I got stalled with no wind and no momentum at the bottom of a mast
high+ pitching monster at the wrong place & time. Into the suds heald down
for a long time I forced the aching swim till I finally got my gear. Went
back out to realign myself and get out of harm's way. Came back in and called
it a day. I didn't sail all that long, but whew what a workout.

The grey bronzy green color of the water, the cold snap in the air, and the
clouds constantly flying by set a sullen wintery tone to the sea. Yesterday
was a wild untamed day of sailing. On the way back home I passed by Pillar
beach and it was still blowing good a half hour before sunset. No sign of
sailors, but I hope someone attended that unique opportunity.
Who knows maybe today, but I doubt it. The wind has to be blowing 40 at
Pillar Point to fill into make it steady. The swell is still right and who
knows, maybe I'll have to check it out.

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