Sherman Island / Rio Vista, California

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Jim Grinstead wrote:
>> --------------------While a small player, what will funding to RVWA from
>> members do towards preservation of some kind of access this year?

There are several projects that RVWA will be involved in this spring in order to
mitigate the effects of the lost access. The primary ones will include:
1) assisting in the expansion of the County Park,
2) assisting in the creation of a new parking area at the site know as The Sign (the
existing parking is for 5-8 cars, new parking will accomodate 75 or so) we will be
paying a lease charge and insurance on the land used for the parking.
3) improving all existing sites to handle the increased pressure.
4) working to insure that we will recover the lost parking in 1999, and rebuilding
the improvements that were lost due to the construction
5) creation and printing and distribution of literature explaining the situation and
the changes as they occur.
6) other expenditures to educate and lobby to ensure that our interest are protected
during the entire ACOE project.

These are all in ADDITION to the expenditures that we normally face each year which
1) Porta potties at all of the sailing sites (yes ALL those toilets are paid for by
2) Sandbagging all of the launches with the custom Marifi gravel bags (expensive,
but they all season)
3) Creating and distributing the 1998 Tide Chart and Area Guide
4) Newsletters
5) Trash clean-up and removal
6) Site improvement

In addition to the funding, hundreds of volunteer man hours are spent each year
creating the literature, working on the sites, working with the goverment and
private entities, planning and organizing work parties, filing corporate documents,
taking care of finances, distributing membership packages, and just making the whole
thing work...

This year, the cost will be greatly increased, and we will need a huge increase in
financial and physicial membership participation.

Brian Geasa, Treasurer
Rio Vista Windsurfing Association

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