Re: Los Vaqueros?

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Date: Fri Feb 27 1998 - 18:59:26 PST

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To Ken, Milo, and others following Los Vaqueros:

This is a classic job for SFBA. We need someone(s), preferrably in the East
Bay, to be the point person. If you get me the information about who to write
and when and where there are meetings, we can put it in Windtalk, on the SFBA
website, publish it in the newsletter and/or send out a special mailing to all
members. The best means of getting access is to win over the decision-makers,
in this case the Water District board of directors. Just think if you were
responsible for establishing a new sailing site they'd probablyname it after
you, i.e. Milo's Beach or Poulton Point!

Randy Anderson, SFBA Peninsula Rep

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