Re: Eye Wear in the Waves

From: Jonathan Hahn (
Date: Wed Feb 18 1998 - 13:26:58 PST

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Subject: Re: Eye Wear in the Waves

I have used soft contacts (non-disposable, astigmatics) for all
the time that I've been sailing and they've been almost trouble-free.
I've never lost one. Bay water in the eyes is not even noticable,
but I do have to take them clean them after sailing in the bay.
Normally I clean them once a week. Salt water is salty and stings
a bit at first, but is not a problem either. When fresh water gets
in them, they soak it up and stop correcting my vision. It often
looks and feels as if they have come out. I just close my eyes
and lightly press on my eyelids and that fixes it.

Sailed 6.0 on a 265 yesterday at Pidgeon Point, Tobago. It was up
and down, but I can't complain. No wetsuit needed. $20/hr.
I haven't cleaned my contacts yet, and don't seem to need to.

                                                        Jonathan Hahn
                                                        And Communications

> From:
> I need advice. I want to play in the waves, but I need to wear eye
> correction. When I swim or boogie board, I wear my contacts and try to
> keep my head out of the water because when I dive under waves very fine
> particles of sand get washed into my eyes, even though I keep my eyes
> shut under water and even when the wave looks pretty clear. This
> sand-in-the-eyes is majorly no fun and renders me helpless. So to try
> sailing, I thought I might buy some prescription sport glasses, but I'm
> afraid I'll loose them in the rinse zone, even using chums. What do
> wave sailors who need eye correction do?

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