Re: reports?

Date: Tue Feb 17 1998 - 12:15:12 PST

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>Didn't anybody get some storm sailing in?
>Surely not all of us hunkered down like me.


I sailed all three days of the three day weekend- two out of the three at
Berkeley. Only Sunday qualified as real storm sailing with winds and rain out
of the Southeast and temperature at 50 degrees. I sailed a 5.4 with my 95
liter board and the Call of the Wind site was reading 22 or 23 ESE at the
start of the session around 11 am. About six sailors were out for about 2 1/2
hours. I sailed til I was blown off the water on the 5.4. By then conditions
were perfect 4.5 but I, and I guess everyone else was too cold or too tired
because it seemed like everyone packed it in. The sailing at berkeley on ESE
has been great with really nice prot ramps. Once you work your way out past Hs
Lordships restaurant, it is a straight shot to Treasure Island although it
seems to blow at least a full sail size stronger when you get out near the


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