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My wife and I spent a week at Steve's place between Christmas and New
Year's. Agree with everything Greg's said here, but thought I'd add a
little more input. It's a beautiful place with all the comforts of home
(flush toilets, refrigerator, hot showers, great food), but none of the
annoyances (TV's, crowds, traffic, telephones), and plenty of wind.

>I'm not real sure of the sail brands but they had a big N on them (Not
>Naish or North) I think maybe Northwave or something like that? They
>were all new sails and some were with Fiberspar carbon booms. All on
>carbon masts. Everything was rigged and ready to go on the beach. Gear
>was all pretty new and nice.

Yes, the sails are Northwave (from the Gorge). It was my first experience
with the new HiFly boards (had an old 12'7" HiFly back in High School) as
well and I was mighty impresed. Quick, responsive, and my out-of-practice
body pulled off more successfull jibes and airtime than on my own old
board. Steve keeps about two quiver-fulls of sails rigged and in a palapa
on the beach, right next to a big rack of about 12 boards in any range you
could ever need. Sailing literally out of his backyard/beach (no car
racks, no rigging, no lugging gear down to the water) - that's the way a
vacation should be!

>Flew to LA on United then into La Paz via Hermusillo on Aero California
>then rented a convertible VW bug. Next time I'll take a direct flight
>from SFO to Cabo and drive up.

We came in on the same flight but were picked up at the airport by Steve
and his sister (who was visiting), thus saving a car rental.

I'm 180#, had one 4.7 day, two 5.2 days, and a 5.8 day - four sailable days
out of seven. Apparently that's unusually unwindy for La Ventana. But
that was fine with me - I needed the rest. The warm water, consistent wind
and small swell reminded me of my Florida sailing days.

On the calm days, my wife took beginner lessons (she's learning quicker
than I did!) and I went exploring in one of Steve's kayaks.

Overall, it was a great vacation and we hope to go back next year. I agree
with Greg that this will be a place you'll not want to tell too many people
about soon, but right now Steve could use some word of mouth.

The number for reservations is on his website:

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