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Thought I would throw two cents here on the chop hop/wave comment.
There is very little wave sailing on Aruba, and it is inconsistent and/or
inconvenient. One of the spots can be sailed to in about 20 minutes from the
sailing centers, but it is rocky and probably only has real wave sailing once
or twice a month on average. The other sites are on the other side of the
island and are not visited by guests/tourists very often due to logistics and
are not terribly consistent either.
Since Aruba is mostly offshore conditions, chop hopping is not optimal. Of
course the farther you go outside, the more fetch and swell you get.
Unfortunately the next landfall is Venezuela so if you break something you can
get in serious trouble quickly.
After visiting Aruba this summer with my wife, I would comment that for
consistent wind Aruba is unbelievable and the sailing center/hotels have a
very nice mellow atmosphere. However the conditions are very slalom like, so
if you're looking for swells or air go somewhere else.
Jeff Milum
Sales Force Automation Sales Team
San Francisco Region


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Baja comments prompt me to add my two bits, as decided to try a new
location this year, with the encouragement and companionship of some
Baja/Gorge buddies from the past two years. Warning, it's very far away!

Aruba is all it's made out to be. Sailed eleven straight days (usually 4-5
hours), fully powered with sails ranging from a high of 6.9 (one day) to
two days of 4.6, which for me at 185 was reasonably intense. Water is near
perfect, without the Kanaha voodoo chop, but still experts were getting
major air and some full forward attempts. Sun is intense, and wind blows
all day and all night, it seems (never rained). However, for wave and chop
hop types, I suppose it could get boring?

Stayed with Sailboard Vacations, which was best for me re wind and
equipment. However, hooked up with Dasher at Vela and found him to be as
advertised, a great person and personality. Also, easy to avoid the
crowds and hotel induced wind holes by sailing outside. Usually had whole
run to myself.

Not sure I'll make it back there, but glad to expand on experience if
anyone desires more detail.

"Rig for the Moment" DRF's Statistics: 185 lbs/6'6"
                                        Bic Veloce 278 & 288 XLS
  USWA Member #US212 Windwings 6.7/5.8/4.9
                                        Berkeley-His Lordships
                                        Marina Bay & Wherever

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