wavesailing Maui Xmas,1997

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Subject: wavesailing Maui Xmas,1997
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 21:06:38 -0800
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12-22-97 to 12-30-97, Maui Christmas

12-22:Wind 16-19ave. Rigged 4.5 Rave, 8'3"HiTech styro wave(weigh 110#)wave
babe + 5.7 Rave, 8'9" HiTech blaster(weigh 210#)the dude.

Heart pumping out of my chest! Waves at least 3 ft overhead and my first
day out in Maui waves. As a beginner I do some silly things like make
Rodney Dangerfield moves on the wave faces (Hyper, too fast, and impulsive)
and go out through monster sets. I recieve major rinsing and swim for the
rig for 20 minutes. After that I started getting the hang of timing the
sets, making calm, smooth transitions, and SSSing on the wave faces.

12-24: Wind 20ave. 4.0-4.5 Rave and 5.3-5.8 Rave. Waves waist to overhead
high. Wind died so went to Kihei side and sailed in ave. 22 winds and had
plenty of starboard air. Made the most of the day.

12-25: Best and worst day. No crowd. Amazing day sail range from 4.9-3.5
Rave. Wind ave23. Thrilling sensation of losing the bottom from beneath the
board and all of a sudden gliding fast straight down and swooping up again
for a top turn, breaking loose, spinning out and making spray. Such fun!!
S turned around a sailor below me and keep on cranking down the line. What
an incredible day.

12-26: 4.0 and 5.2 Rave. Chris takes a huge jump(10ft) and buckles the
rail on a brand new rental styro waveboard. 80$ repair fee- "just put it on
the account". The crowd is too much and I find myself bottom turning around
other guys just to stay on my wave.

12-27: Wind 17-21ave. 4.5+5.8 Rave, waist to just overhead wave faces at
Lowers Kanaha. A perfect day with no one out. SSSs come easy and try to go
for the lip. Ride a few waves with my husband and inadvertently stuff him
big time!!oops.

12-28: Chris surfs Hookipa all day, 2X overhead.

12-29: I surf lowers Kanaha and get rinsed, too. Just payin my dues.

12-30: Final day to sail and one of the best. Kihei going off. Side
offshore, down the line, overhead waves down the line more like Tuba,Pt
Reyes or San Carlos than the North shore. 4.0, 5.3 sail sizes. Day of
dreams and sky high air. Windsurfing in waves is a gift of life.

Aloha, Annie

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