Re: New Waddell Windtalker Number

Date: Tue Oct 26 1993 - 17:30:30 PDT

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Subject: Re: New Waddell Windtalker Number
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Hi Folks!

I sent my $10 bucks to the Monterey Bay Hangliding Association and received the
new number along with a letter with information about the status of their windtalker
project. Here are the highlights of their letter. Maybe there are some more wave
sailors out there that are interested in contributing and receiving the number:

>With the amount of calls coming in (always a busy signal), the Monterey Bay
>Hangliding Association thought of pulling our resources together with the windsurfers
>and R.C. pilots who use the Waddell Creek phone number. The only way to organize
>this was to solicit your donations by changing the telephone number while putting on
>the message to inform you about the upcoming change.

>The response was pretty much as expected, with the number of windsurfers far out
>weighing the number of hang glider pilots. All told, 34 windsurfers donated $10,
>2 contributed $15, and 4 shelled out $20 for a total of $450. Hang gliding pilots
>contributed $120, with Steve McWilliams accounting for $25. Contributions through
>Oct. 12th total $570. This leaves us $330 short of getting another windtalker.

>I'm sure ther are more people who haven't paid who think they will get the number
>for free after the 15th. Wrong! We can't let this happen for several reasons. First
>it was with your help that we aquired the donations. But we are still short. Second,
>think of knowing that the lines will be less likely to be busy because only 52 have
>the new number!!!!! So please don't give out the new number, but rather refer them
>to sending their donations to:
> Monterey Bay Hang Gliding Association
> P.O. BOX 385
> Santa Cruz, CA 95060

I think these guys deserve our support.



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