Windsurfer Death at 3ed

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Date: Fri Oct 01 1993 - 22:58:51 PDT

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Subject: Windsurfer Death at 3ed
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A windsurfer was not breathing when he was found face down in the water
1/2 mile out and half way between the old and new launch sites at 3ed
today. He was assisted by many sailors and then air lifted by a Coast
Guard helicopter from the water at about 5:00. It was reported that he
had a history of heart trouble. I got this information from another
sailor and I do not know it originated from a medical tag, a friend, or
supposition. I do not have any names or physical descriptions. The
dead sailor's rig was not located and is probably still be in the water.

If anyone finds out who this was, I would like to get the name.
I would also like to know how he did indeed get injured. Was he
knocked unconscious, or did he in fact have a heart attack.

A minor detail, sailing conditions were good. I sailed from 3:20-5:30
on a 8'6" Glass bump and jump with a 5.4 monofilm Windwing sail. Nice
swell and fully powered 95+% of the time.


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