Coyote Tues

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Subject: Coyote Tues

------------- Sun 26 Sep 93

Finally broke down and bought a set of Gorge Rax. It took me the whole
afternoon to figure out the best compromise for mounting these puppies!
One conclusion is that spacing Thule bars 6 feet apart is nice and
stable, but too wide really for shorter boards. Since I had to bolt
artificial rain gutters to my roof to attach the racks, I'm stuck with
the positions I chose back then...

============= Tue 28 Sep 93

Kirk and I went to Coyote. At 3:00 the wind looked pretty darn marginal,
but we were there... I rigged 6.2/9'0, Kirk 6.7/9'3. We got planing
a bit past the corner of the swim area and almost never had to slog after

Mostly, we did speed runs back and forth. As we have observed before
(on different sails, even) I was faster on most port-tack reaches, while
he developed a big edge on most starboard reaches. Curious. I think a
contributor was that at the end of each starboard reach Kirk would go
way in to the light winds inside and he seemed to stay powered longer.
But there was definitely a port/starboard difference. I did find a way
to keep up with Kirk on starboard - a nearly locked stance for both arms
and legs - but I could only do this off the wind.

The wind came up outside despite the high clouds. Except for Kirk's
excursions to the inside, we stayed powered the whole time, getting to
slightly overpowered outside later on. At the end, the wind did us a
favor and let us plane all the way in. In two hours we made only 22
reaches, but I figure we sailed 40 or 50 miles!

Kirk and I each made one really pretty full-planing jibe (my first on a
big sail) - and we have witnesses. :-)

Ken Poulton

"Faster and faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death."
                                        -- Hunter S. Thompson

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