Re: Gorge tips

Date: Tue Sep 21 1993 - 19:17:55 PDT

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Subject: Re: Gorge tips

Concerning the following reports of 10 days ago at Davenport:

    I last sailed on fri, sept 10, at Davenport. I was on a 4.5, a
    "relatively" floaty 8'6" assym., underpowed on the inside, and it was
    holey. 6ft sets (the swell peaked out 2 days prior, with 8ft faces).
    About 10 sailors were out. Hmm, maybe I should shut up, before it gets
    crowded here, like coyote or 3rd.
    (The weekend before was)... 4.7 on Saturday.

I was at Waddell both Friday and Saturday. Friday I was moderately powered
on my 4.0 (though most would probably call it a 4.5 day) - around 3-5pm.
The largest faces were about 6ft.

Saturday I was well powered on my 4.0 (until about 4:30, when it
dropped) on the inside, and totally powered past the break, but the
waves were smaller.

I'm 150 pounds on a Mistral Ecstasy.

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