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Date: Fri Sep 10 1993 - 14:17:20 PDT

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'Luigi Semenzato says:'
> please don't send messages to wind_talk and a bunch of other people at
> the same time. I am getting lots of duplicates. Let's stick to
> wind_talk: those who get this message and are not on wind_talk can ask
> Ken Poulton to be added.

I would really like to second this suggestion. It's getting pretty
lame having to deal with everyone's custom mailing lists.

Ken set up wind_talk to encourage discussions about Bay Area
Windsurfing. (Of course I couldn't help but notice that Ken's own
notes lately have been going to his own email alias. :)

90% of the people on your mailing list are on wind_talk. The ones
who are not you can ask to join or otherwise risk being left out.

One person told me he didn't want to bother the list with experiences
that only his friends might relate to. But my thinking is that
anyone who signs up for wind_talk wants to be part of such
discussions. If they do not, then it is their responsibility to
remove themselves from the list.

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