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Subject: YABFB

=========== Wed 8 Sep 93

Despite weatherpersons' predictions, the wind came up and even came
up early. I got to Coyote about 3:15 and went out with 5.7/9'0.
This was pretty marginal near shore - I had to go out past the flight
lanes to get to the wind line where I was plenty powered. On the first
starboard reach my boom suddenly bends down about 3 inches. Yup! YABFB
(Yet Another Broken Fiberspar Boom). This was a boom I got under
warranty replacement in July. :-( As usual, it broke right at the head.
On the other hand, the original purchase was 11 months and 27 days ago,
so I certainly lucked out there.

It took me quite a while to turn the boom over. By the time I finished,
I was so far downwind (tail of the flood tide) that I couldn't make the
swim beach, much less the launch beach. I settled for the inside end of
the harbor breakwater - not real pleasant at high tide. I walked back
to my car, watching the wind fill in nicely. By the time I drove to the
harbor, derigged, drove back to ASD, replaced the boom and drove back to
the launch, the wind was dropping again. I didn't mind dealing with the
broken boom so much (ASD is making that part easy) but I was sure
annoyed to miss the day's sailing.


"Things fall apart, the center cannot hold." -- Yeats

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