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Date: Tue Aug 31 1993 - 15:31:37 PDT

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Date: Tue, 31 Aug 93 15:31:37 PDT
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> lexington is usually a good place to teach windsurfing to your friends
> (ie. usually light winds). it does blow on southerlies. since last
> year, if not earlier, you can't go swimming (it's okay to fall in though)
> or bring motorized boats (unless you're the ranger).
> alex
I don't remember when swimming was expressly _allowed_ but with
no motor boats (every day now, used to be odd days) it was never a problem.
I was (am) pretty beginner and found light shifty winds tougher to handle
than steadier, moderate wind.
Speaking of beginner places, to echo my message to Luigi earlier today
I am planning on getting back into windsurfing now that I'll have a place
to stow it. 3 questions:
I remember talk of a good swap meet. Any info on when/where that is
or was that a one time thing? I'm hoping to save a little $ and get
something used.
Any advice on a good beginner board? I'm going to learn water starts
and at using that @#$% harness. I'm 5'6" and weigh 145. The only
board I got used to was an old windsurfer with the low aspect ratio sail
and the center board.
Also the name of a good book, the one I have, I hate to admit, is very very
Marina (MMP)

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