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Date: Mon Jun 28 1993 - 13:08:13 PDT

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To: (Ken Poulton), (Windsurfing Mailing List)
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'Ken Poulton says:'
> 1600 4:00 pm pdt sun jun 27 1993 SFO sunny 67 47 49 w 30 29.82
> 1700 5:00 pm pdt sun jun 27 1993 SFO sunny 66 47 50 w 28g35 29.82
> 1800 6:00 pm pdt sun jun 27 1993 SFO sunny 65 48 54 w 24 29.80
> 1900 7:00 pm pdt sun jun 27 1993 SFO sunny 62 48 60 w 24g34 29.80
> 1951 8:00 pm PDT Sun Jun 27 1993 SFO scattered 61 48 62 w 23g30 29.79

Several points on this:

1) Is there any way to format these summary lines for the airport to
include the actual degree from which the wind came? It turns out that
from 3:00 p.m. Coyote was getting wind from as southwest as 250
degrees, which shut off Coyote entirely. It would be interesting to
be able to come back and review the wind pattern to see what
directions the wind was coming from throughout the day.

By the way, notice the summary line above says "w" as the wind
direction for many reports that I know were coming out at 250
degrees, almost directly west-southwest. You do lose useful
information by just seeing "w" here.

2) What the heck happened yesterday? At Coyote you could look two
miles out and barely see any whitecaps at all. Yet literally around
the corner at Embassy Suites it was doing a 4.5-5.0 clip, and at
Tigers I hear it was 4.0. How can it be 4.0 at Tigers and not see
heavy whitecaps out on the Bay itself?

>From a metereological standpoint, does anyone know why we got
southwest wind? I called NWS and when I asked the lame forecaster
if anything out of the ordinary was going on, he said no, things
should be just like usual. I didn't realize until after the call
that the wind was west-southwest.

Sunday was an incredibly frustrating day for me. I had
responsibility for a young cousin and his friend, and I was hoping
to introduce them to windsurfing by taking them to the beach on
Coyote's North shore. I figured that with life jackets and helmets
they couldn't get into too much trouble with on-shore wind here. As
things turned out, there wasn't any wind at all at Coyote, and I was
faced with the frustating prospect of knowing that there was monster
wind just a short distance away, but all at launch sites that I
couldn't possibly take two little kids to. We should have gone to
San Luis. Since the wind was Southwest, it would have been

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