Re: Truckee Adventure?

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Date: Wed May 26 1993 - 17:54:39 PDT

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Subject: Re: Truckee Adventure?
Date: Wed, 26 May 93 17:54:39 PDT
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'Luigi Semenzato says:'
> The idea is appealing but:
> - the water is probably very cold from all the snow this year;
> - it's an 8 hour r/t and you can't predict storm wind reliably:
> I get upset when I drive only 1 hour and there is no wind!
> Let's just wait, I bet we'll get our wind back in a couple
> of days. --Luigi

As for cold water: it can't be colder than San Luis. As for
the weather turning on us: good point, but I wouldn't go unless
there was a huge low churning off the coast and the weather called
for the next four days to be more of the same in different degrees.

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