A Mandate For Change

From: Will Estes (westes@sti.com-DeleteThis)
Date: Mon Nov 16 1992 - 17:39:25 PST

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Subject: A Mandate For Change
To: windspeed@jr.hpl.hp.com-DeleteThis (Windsurfing Mailing List)
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 92 17:39:25 PST
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Late last week I suggested that we should change the logic of the
wind mailing list to not send out a summary if there was no wind during
the day.

I should have clarified in my original note, but the two options that I
listed were not mutually exclusive. Currently there are two different
mailing lists. List one sends you information every hour regardless of
what the wind is. List two - the so-called threshold list - sends you
information every hour only when the wind exceed 15 knots.

So I guess my point really reduces to saying that the guys who are on the
threshold list really do not need to get summaries when there is no wind.

I received five replies to my original inquiry. Three agreed with my
suggested change outright, the fourth agreed that the user should have
the option to not get the summary report if there was no wind, and the
fifth just said that he liked things the way they are (obviously a
Republican :).

Based on these results, can we change the behavior of the threshold
mailing list to not send out a summary on days when there are no wind?

Here are the yes votes for change:

From: peot@rpal.rockwell.com-DeleteThis (Mark Peot)

You write:
  B) You are on the threshold list and at least one report went out
  that was over the threshold.

I agree. Sounds like a good policy.

Mark Peot


From: gpw10@cd.amdahl.com-DeleteThis (Gary Ward)

I would agree with this. Most of these daily summary reports I delete without ever looking at them.


From: schuh@ra-iris.arc.nasa.gov-DeleteThis (Michael Schuh)

I like your suggestion. I usually do not even read the afternoon summary so it would be nice not to get it.


Here is the qualified-yes vote:

From: Don B. Larson <donl@hpclpax.cup.hp.com-DeleteThis>

I'm in favor of "A". I expect other user's will elect "B." Possibly this should be a "custom user option."

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