Re: The Graveyard of Lost Kiteboards

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Date: Sun Sep 09 2007 - 13:29:02 PDT

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Subject: Re: The Graveyard of Lost Kiteboards
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Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2007 13:29:02 -0700
From: Ken Poulton <>

I went searching again for the board I lost in June. I've replaced the
board since then, but I was still interested in the expedition.

I not only found my board, I found two others!
I seem to have located the Secret Graveyard of Lost Kiteboards.
My board was only about 30 feet from where we found a kite in July!

As before, there are no names are on these boards but they are in good
condition. Come on folks, help yourselves out! If you don't want to
devalue your board, stick a piece of duct tape on the board and put your
name on that.

So... let me know if you lost a board at 3rd. Let me know the make, model,
year, color pattern and anything that could identify it. No need to
send again if you asked about a found board in July; I have rechecked
those emails. (I already found the owners for the two boards mentioned below.)
All entries must contain a stamped, self-addressed return email address.


"Eureka, I have found it." -- Archimedes
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Subject: Found boards
From: Ken Poulton <>
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 02:25:36 -0700

I went searching for my lost board via jetski on July 13. I did not
find it, but I found a different board on the east shore of the bay. No
name on it. Send me email with your phone number and board details if
you lost one recently.

Also saw this note at 3rd for a different found board:
        Found board on July 13.
        Call 592-5225 to claim.

Everyone: put your name and phone number on your equipment! Most
non-kiters finding an unmarked board won't know how to find you.

Ken Poulton

"We're lost."
"Oh, it will turn out well."
"I don't know. It's a mystery."
                        -- Shakespeare in Love

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