SFBA Wind eNews - October 2006 - Party Time

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SFBA End of Season Party - October 14

Join us on October 14th at the St. Francis Yacht Club for a killer
end of season party. We will be celebrating the 20th Anniversay of
the San Francisco Boardsailing Association and racers will present
the Cabrinha Kite & Windsurf Awards. The party runs from 7 pm to
midnight with FREE admission, live music, and refreshments (come
early). The music will be retroactive rock and roll by Seventh Son.
We hope you will take this opportunity to renew your SFBA membership
or join up if you've never been a member.

Exploratorium Camera

You can finally get that sneak preview of Crissy Field and the
Golden Gate as the Exploratorium camera has been back up and running
now for a couple weeks now > go to
(http://cams.exploratorium.edu:8010/1/control.html) or go to
exploratorium.edu and click "new roof cam". The resolution is great
and the camera has a 25x zoom capability. Every 15 minutes, a
series of preset pictures are added to the archive, so you can see a
recent snapshot of the launch area or the sailing area even if
someone else has control of the camera. You can also view a series
of snapshots after the fact to see when the wind came up and when it
dropped. The camera is now controlled by only one person at a time
and you can tell when you are in control and how much time you have
remaining. The beautiful thing is that with the 25x zoom and the
ability to point the camera, you can really check out details. If
you double click on a spot in the picture, the camera will recenter
to that point.

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