Palo Alto Considering $5 Parking Fee

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Subject: Palo Alto Considering $5 Parking Fee
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Do we need to stop this $5 fee to park where we've ALWAYS had access
to the Bay...

Legally, we might want a lawyer to look at this because we've had
access to the Bay for many years. I'm not sure they can suddenly
decide to charge us for this access.

Now I'd be willing to pay a $50 annual parking fee like I do at
Coyote to help cover costs if they had a guard at the gate, perhaps
watered the weeds in the rigging area so it doesn't turn to mud in
the summer and they could keep the potholes fixed... but I'd want
that fee to let me into Foothills park and all other Palo Alto parks


        Posted on Fri, Jun. 03, 2005 ** **Potholes return to
parking lot after pricey work

*By Dan Stober* *Mercury News*

Puzzled windsurfers objected two years ago when the Palo Alto City
Council voted to spend $140,000 to pave their obscure dirt parking
lot at the edge of San Francisco Bay.

A waste of money, they said. We don't care about the potholes, they
said. The city went ahead, but it turns out the expensive, unwanted
paving job was a failure. The lot is again full of potholes.

``We used an experimental biodegradable surfacing product made out
of pine resin derivative. It didn't work,'' said city open space
chief Greg Betts. ``The road to hell is, literally in this case,
paved with good intentions.''

The parking lot is at the end of the road in the Baylands Nature
Preserve, past the airport, the duck pond and the nature center.
The windsurfers who drive from around Santa Clara Valley to launch
into the bay were happy with the lot the way it was.

``We figured it just kind of kept down the traffic. It looked like
a crappy parking lot,'' said Jerry Escobedo, 54, a tool manufacturer
who retired early to have more time for fun.

``We figured, `First they'll pave it, then they'll want to charge
for parking.' ''

Which is what has happened. *The city council is considering
charging $5 for parking at the baylands* and two other open space

The contractor for the parking lot and his suppliers are arguing
over responsibility for the problems, Betts said, but he is hopeful
the repair work will be done under warranty this summer.

This time a different material will be used -- no more pine resin,
Betts said.

``It was a green thing,'' said Escobedo. ``It failed.''

/Contact Dan Stober at
<> or (650) 688-7536./

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