Jack has installed a new camera! Oh frabjous day!

3rd Avenue Webcams -- Sep 29 16:10 -- server: a.custweb.sonic.net
Check out the full Panorama shot or the Panorama Lite shot. Here is a Tide Sequence .
For the archives, click through these pictures.

Pictures are updated every 10 minutes or so.

These cameras are situated on the 6th floor of 3030 Velocity Way, southeast corner, approximately 500 yards from the 3rd Avenue kiteboard/windsurf parking lot, Foster City, California. EFI hosted this camera initially, and Gilead allowed it to stay.

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Unindicted co-conspirators: Jack, Ken, JR, Sonny & Michael
Thanks to EFI for hosting this camera.

Jay Runge, 1953-2006
"The Mayor of Third Avenue"

We'll miss you.

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